Multi WAN OpenVPN

  • Hi at all,

    i want to do something like that:

    The difference between this solution and what i want to do is the following:

    I have two static WAN IPs - One WAN IP is configured to listen on port 1194/udp, and the other WAN IP (which uses dynamic dns) should listen on port 443/tcp

    If a roadwarrior connect via openvpn it should connect with WAN IP over 1194/udp and when the connection is refused it should try over the second WAN IP with port 443/tcp

    Is something like that possible? In the tutorial link above there is only the oppertunity to connect via UDP or TCP and not both like a failover…

    Thanks in advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would be possible but you would have some manual management to do:

    You would need one server on each WAN. One set for TCP, the other for UDP. Both should use the same certs, but different tunnel networks

    In the client export package you would need to use the advanced options box to add your own custom remote statement for the second server.

    You may as well run both servers on both WANs as the doc wiki suggests, then they could use either TCP or UDP on either WAN, though again you'd have to add more custom remote statements.

  • Hi jimp,

    your sentence "Both should use the same certs, but different tunnel networks" was the right answer to make that work!
    Thank you a lot :)


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