Total size of all files uploaded … 256 KB

  • Hi, it's me again !

    I would like to know how to change the  default size of all files uploaded on portal captive ?

    I have big sizes pictures and i can't change it.

    Please give me the solution  ;)

  • The images are actually stored inside the config.xml to have everything in one file to for backup/restore purpose. That'S where the size limit is coming from. What you could do is host the big images at an external or internal server and whitelist it's IP as passthrough IP in the cp settings. Then just refernece the external files in your cp pages.

  • ok thank you.

    The problem is i have only 700ko to store, so doing all that just for that  :-X

    I'll try to reduce the size of my pictures, it will be easier  :D

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