• HI

    I have 5 Vlan

    LAN -
    1stFloor (Vlan10) -
    2ndFloor(Vlan20) -
    Wifi (Vlan30) -
    Tenants (Vlan40) -

    I want rules to allow routing between LAN Vlan10-30 but block Vlan40 and vlan40 must have only internet access.

    On top of having only internet access I want to have a limiter set so all user don't consume our bandwidth.

    Any one help with this please.


  • A quick and dirty way to do it:

    Allow TCP/UDP to vlan40 address port 53. (If you want them to use pfSense as their dns server, otherwise change dhcp to hand out public dns and skip this rule)
    Block all RFC1918 address ranges for any protocol and any port.
    Allow any port and any protocol.