Wireless interface set up on captive portal?

  • This is something I can't quite see on what few docs there are so I hope someone can help.

    Pretty standard set up with an Atheros card in a ALIX 2c2. Clearly I run the captive portal and tell it to run on that OPT interface. But what do I do with the Wifi interface itself?

    I've tried it LAN bridged, doesn't work. Tried it with its own IP address and subnet and enabled the DHCP server. That works but no capital portal and no web access.

    Can someone describe how you set that up please? Cheers!

  • Can you access the net without the captive portal? You need firewall and possibly NAT rules to allow traffic outside of the opt interface.


    I believe bridging is not compatible with CP.

    Try looking at those things and report back.


  • If I bridge the interfaces it works fine as you'd expect.

    If I set up a subnet for the Wi-Fi then it does not. I suspected that I'd need some sort of firewall rules to provide net access which looks a little bit what people are talking about in the thread you linked.

    I think I can try muddle through that and try make it work with a subnet + firewall rules etc if that's what I'm supposed to be doing. But that's really the crux of it, I want to know if that's what I should be doing :)

  • If you have the WLAN as a separate subnet you need rules on the WLAN tab that allow traffic.
    Did you create such rules? (per default pfSense blocks everything)

  • Well no, like I said. I don't know if I should just leave it bridged or if I need the wi-fi on a subnet etc.

    Edit: Righty, wireless OPT interface is now on LAN is on I've added a firewall rule and whammo, it works. I'm on the web from a wireless client. But, er, what happened to the captive portal? It's turned on allegedly…

    Edit2: Ah, just needed to kill it and restart. It works. Yipee!

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