Ubuntu 14.04 + virtual box no connectivity + novice

  • Hi everybody,

    I am trying to configure pfsense I want to study it,

    I have got an Ubuntu OS on the host
    (IP  myrouter GW

    On Virtual Box  Pfsense latest version 2.2.1 configured as follow
    Bridged (WAN:    myrouter GW      Internal(LAN    Gatway

    Then I have a windows 8.1 with network configured as internal with the following nic parameters
    (IP    pfsense GW    DNS ) DNS I even tried google one nothing does not go to Internet

    When I configured pfsense I choose as DNS my router or should I put the google one?
    Could you tell me which mistakes am I doing? Which steps should I try? I guess I told you everything if it is missing some information please ask.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

  • I tried something similar with virtualbox. What did you put in your upstream gateway? Go through the setup wizard again to check.  I think it should be you your router's ip:

  • Don't do it that way.  For your (bridged) WAN, use an IP on your private network like  Then you for your Intnet1 LAN and Intnet2 DMZ (if you need a DMZ), use and