RALink RT3092 Wireless module

  • So i bought i super good deal off ebay, an NexCom VTC6201 Vehicle PC. What caught my eye was 2 Sim slots. I bought it to see what was inside and was surprised to see an Sierra MC8705 and a RAlink RT3092 mini pci-e module. I had never heard of it so i proceeded to set it up and it works OK in AP mode. Was only BGN mode. I have a funny feeling about this module. I think it is a usb/mini-pci-e module, which works in 3G slots, while the rest of the wifi cards don't work in the slot due to being Mini-PCIe.

    VTC6201 –3 RE Ethernets and 2 mini pci-e slots with an Atom. Intel 20GB SSD.

    Check out the edge connectors on the other RALink RT3092 on ebay. Mine is full length mini slot, these on ebay are half. Same edge connecters/pinouts. Looks like somethings misssing. maybe USB only.

  • Well i tested  this module in several 3G-USB MiniPCIe slots and it did not work(Like Lanner FW7535 with 3G slot). I can only assume the reduced traces or fingers must just be a cost reduction thing and it uses PCIe signaling interface.. No sense running leads not used in the design. All i can guess. I had wrongly assumed it might be an internal usb/MiniPCIe wifi card.

    It works fine as Access Point. None of the facepalm i expected from RALink.

    I am somewhat surprised with it working so good at 2.4ghz only.

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