Hide workstations on LAN

  • Hello again  ;) . I use pfsense since last week, and I find a little problem on LAN interfaces.

    All the users could see each other on windows OS when they go to networking interface and group.

    So is it possible to hide that ?

    thanks you

  • not easily anyway

    cant do that with a "stupid" switch, broadcasts will passtrough between ports

    get a switch that can handle vlans(pfsense can do that) and put each computer on a seperate vlan and then use apropriate blocking rules

  • I have approximatly 30 workstations connected by wireless connexions, so i have 1 wire on LAN interface with a switch and 2 wires on it to connect 2 AP.

    It'll be difficult to create VLAN for each workstations  :-\

  • In this case: no not possible unless you can configure your AP's so they dont allow intra BSS communication.

  • Are you sure ?

    The 2 AP are 3com 7760 with PoE  ;D , i'll see if it can support what you said, i think yes.

    But I also have 1 station connected with RJ45, but anyway it's an old computer used by the secretary so the most important is for wireless users.

  • Just for curiosity:
    The only way that i have found to do this is install samba that acts as the primary group/node for computers and configures clients by dhcp to set their Netbios node type to ask the samba config for other hosts.
    It is ugly hack of netbios protocol but works.
    I do not remember the details of this but searching google and reading about netbios can help.

    I will not try to find the details afaik since this has nothing to do with pfsense.

  • Add an additional NIC to your pfSense and set the non wireless users behind that one. Then just firewall the wireless subnet against that other subnet. I think that is what you want if I got you right.

  • It's a good solution you said.

    I'll try that.

    thank you

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