Captive Protal Problem Running On Vlan 100

  • Curreltly I have a pfsense box setup trunking with a Catalysts 2950 with two vLans 100 and 200.  Both vLan's have been created on the switch, I am able to hand out IP's from pfsense to both vLan's, both vLans are able to access the WAN corectly.  Both vLans have been enabled as interfaces in pfsense.  I am also using DNS fowrading as well .  If I enable Captive Portal on vLan 100, it dose no redirect to the portal page and nothing is block, everything is wide open the client has full access to my WAN network which out being authenticated.  If I enable Captive Portal on the Lan it works correctly.  I am stumped as to what I 'm missing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • What version are you running? I have that same config (captive portal on vlan as optX) and it's working fine. Could it be that the switch is misconfigured? I had a similiar situation where the native vlan of the switchport (for untagged traffic) was not configured properly and traffic went to the wrong vlan then. Btw, my setup is using Ciscos as well and it took me 2 days to get it going (my switches have been upgraded and as the new firmwarefiles have been too big for the old flash eeproms on the switches I lost my webgui on those. Had to do everything from the cli which took me 2 days until everything worked like it should on 120 ports. I have a netgear accesspoint and a hp switch with vlans as well in that scenario which took 10 minutes to configure with vlans. So much for the ciscos  :P

  • I have problems with Captive Portal too (as you can see here ->,8594.0.html). My network devices are Cisco Catalyst 2950 too, and my Wireless VLAN is 101.

    Tomorrow, when I go to work, I try to change the VLAN number for Wireless LAN.


  • I honestly don't think that the vlan number plays a role for that issue. I rather guess the switches are not configured properly.

  • I just solved this very situation.  For my setup I had pfsense with a GigE NIC vlan trunked to an HP Procurve switch fabric.. no matter which VLAN interface I selected the Captive Portal remained wide open (non functional).

    Turns out, in my setup anyway, that Captive Portal in pfsense will not work properly with a VLAN interface.  I installed another NIC in the box, a cheap 3com 100MB with no VLAN.. just ran a cable directly to that VLAN on the HP Procurves.. and removed that VLAN from my trunk group.

    Works perfectly.

    Every setup I did the non VLAN NIC works and the VLANs on the other NIC do not.

    Hope this is helpful to you.  -dw

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