Proxy pass tho strange problem

  • Hi all

    i have a strange problem when using squid R-Proxy or apache proxy passing tho pfsense, whatever in nat mode or bridge mode ,
    seem like some rare disconnecting problem , i tried tunning those proxy timeout & retry times, still the same problem , but
    when i tried on bridge mode disabled filtering bridge , everything will work fine , but i losted firewall features
    may i know how to fix this problem

    squid logs
    2008/04/04 12:35:30| TCP connection to failed
    2008/04/04 12:35:31| TCP connection to failed
    2008/04/04 12:35:37| TCP connection to failed
    2008/04/04 12:35:38| TCP connection to failed

    my current pfsense setup
    pfsense 1.2 RELEASE
    bridge mode
    Firewall Maximum States = good enough
    HW: Dell 1850 3.2G  4G RAM
    NIC:Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection

    thanks all  ;D

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