SARG Fatal error - CLOSED

  • hi.

    yesterday, i got this error everytime i open the "sites & users" report… other reports are working..

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 120511699 bytes) in /usr/local/www/sarg_frame.php on line 77

    looking at the file in the error and line 77 says:

    print preg_replace($pattern,$replace,$report);

    when i go back to the main gui page, the following message is displayed:

    pfSense has detected a crash report or programming bug. Click here for more information.

    found some old entries in the forum (will try to look for it in a while) about this error and one post hinted to try to edit the php file and set the memory allocation to a higher value-- 250MB, but when I checked the code, it was already set to 250MB so I set it to 512MB since memory usage per gui was only at 31%.  when i tried to view the report again, the same problem happened...

    tried to view the same report again today but still same result.

    machine spec as follows:

    Intel i3
    8GB RAM
    500Gb HDD
    3 intel dual port nics
    1 onboard nic

    packages installed:
    pfsense 2.2.1 AMD64
    openvpn client export
    sarg 2.3.9 pkg v.0.6.4

    any ideas?


  • this was the link about adjusting the memory allocation.. it's for another package actually but tried it since error was similar

  • system seems ok now…

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