VPN For Server Access Only

  • Hello, I apologize if I have not placed this question in the proper forum. Previously when i had pfsense running with a configured VPN I was able to successfully access my home network remotely but all connections from my machine then ran through my home IP address. I am looking for a way to establish a VPN connection to my home simply for access to my NAS there, I wish all other internet operations to route through the IP of wherever I am. Ideally I would like to set something up on my machine to automatically connect to the VPN for my home so I maintain access to those shares wherever I am without having to route all my connections back through my home network. Is something like this possible or am I misunderstanding the mechanics of a VPN?

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    1/ Stop redirecting default GW via the VPN.
    2/ Set up the firewall rules on the OpenVPN or IPsec tab as required to restrict the access.

  • As doktornotor stated, in the Tunnel Settings section, look for "Redirect Gateway" and uncheck the checkbox next to "Force all client generated traffic through the tunnel."  Unchecking this option will only route what you have defined in "IPv4 Local Network/s" field over the tunnel.  Everything else will be routed out the client's internet connection.

  • Fantastic, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the help!

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