Running Open VPN client and server simultaneously?

  • I am contemplating taking the plunge into pfSense but I have not been able to determine whether I can run an Open VPN client (e.g. to tunnel traffic from some devices on my network to a commercial Open VPN server like PIA) AND and Open VPN server (to allow me to access my LAN remotely and tunnel my traffic to it) at the same time. Right now I do this using separate Tomato routers on my network. (I searched the forums here and Google, but I did not come across any relevant hits - maybe I am not using the right combination of search terms?). I would be thankful if anyone here could either confirm this is possible or indicate that it is not, and even more grateful for any pointers from anyone who has experience doing this on pfSense.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can run as many clients and servers as you wish.

  • That is good news!  (I am assuming you mean I can run all the clients and servers on the pfSense device).  Are there any potential "gotchas" that I should look out for? (e.g. IP address conflicts, etc)

  • On your LAN and OpenVPN "road warrior" server, use more obscure private IP address/subnets. Do NOT use
    Then when you sip coffee and VPN in from your phone at your local cafe which already uses something like there will be no conflict.

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