Connection limit question

  • Hi all

    Did pfsense default have 1 ip simultaneous connections limit ?


  • No.
    You can have as many connections per IP's as you want.
    As long as you dont run out of states (per default 10000) or your client has more than 65535 concurrent connection attemps. (which would lead to errors on the clients…)

  • Unless you have changed the advanced options in your firewallrules (hidden behind a button, it will reveal some settings where you could do something like you asked for) there is no such limit by default.

  • thanks for reply

    have any idea , how come when i Enable filtering bridge my squid (Accelerator mode) have some connections lost, i have been
    tested 3 different version of squid but still have the same problem

    Bridged with Wan
    My rules

    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Schedule
    wan  TCP          *              *          *        80(HTTP)    *
          TCP      *          80 (HTTP)  *              *      *   
    opt1 TCP          *              *          *        80(HTTP)    *
          TCP      *          80 (HTTP)  *              *        *

  • Are you talking about squid running at the pfSense as package? I think the package was never designed to be run in bridged mode.

  • nope i'm running squid in different box , somehow have some connections or packet dropping issue during enable filtering bridge

    thx  ;D

  • Your rules look a bit strange to me though they should not be cause of the issue. You usually don't want to have any rules at wan and only one rule at the opt1:
    pass protocol tcp, source any, sourceport any, destination any, destinatonport 80, gateway default.

  • hehe yea i will tune it later :)

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