Any chance of getting a working transparent proxy again?

  • I - like many others - tried to get squid working in transparent mode on both i386- and 64-versions of recent pfense (tried squid 2 and 3). Both fresh installs.

    Followed the pfsense-Howto but it does not work, e.g. clients do not get through the proxy and are not able to get any data throughout port 80.

    If I disable transparent mode and set the clients manually to the proxy, squid works like a charm.

    As I have read here, there had been many complains about that, but the gurus always ended by: no problem here, has to be a user misconfiguration.

    But - as I stated - I also have tried it on two different machines with different hardware (one with i386, one 64bit), no difference, transparent mode does not run.

    Are the gurus working on it?

  • I wasn't aware there were problems with proxy. I have updated to 221 two weeks ago and I was about to configure transparent proxy… I guess I must read something more... thank you for your warning...

  • I love pfSense but I got tired of waiting for some of the packages I use to stabilize on 2 2.  I decided to do it proper and spun up my own Squid3 + squidGuard on a Ubuntu 14.10 LAMP server instance.  I have it working perfectly with the blacklists.  All I have left to do is to install Sarg & Lightsquid, and get the blacklists updating automagically.  This gets me a working cache as well as a lean firewall.

  • I've just come back to the forum hoping to find that the transparent proxy issue has been fixed, but apparently not. Worked beautifully up until 2.2 and then a massive step backwards. The issue seems to be that redirection is not working (see HERE), not that squid isn't working. Does nobody test releases on i386? Part of the attraction of pfsense is (was) that it would run perfectly on older hardware.

    Please let's see this resolved.


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