Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Wireless Bridge

  • Hi Everybody
    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) "Windows Term"
    I Have not used pfSense but I would like it if somebody could tell me if my configuration would work.

    My friend lives 2 houses away from me and we have a very good WiFi link already established.
    Using Windows (ICS) on a PC I am connected to his WiFi modem/router and internet traffic is transferred trough the Ethernet port on my machine to my Client.
    It isn't perfect but It's better than i first expected it would be.  Currently I have only one computer connected to my ICS machine at a time but i want to change that.

    • I would like this to be a DHCP setup on both ends but a static connection between them. (already configured like this on ICS.

    • I want to be able to wake the machine over the internet so i can use it when i need to access my CCTV and turn it off to save power. (This is why telnet enabled on

    • If I cached websites in pfSense would his router load them on his computer because they always check local before DNS.

    Probably enough info for now, any advice appreciated.  :)

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