Installation of haproxy-devel

  • Dear all,

    the version of my pfsense it was  2.0.1-RELEASE  the pakage  haproxy-devel  dosen't existe in the liste of package.
    my question is how can i integrate the pakage  haproxy-devel?

    i try this:

    pkg_add -r
    Fetching… Done.
    pkg_add: warning: package 'haproxy-devel-1.5.d6' requires 'pcre-8.12', but 'pcre-8.32' is installed
    pkg_add: warning: package 'haproxy-devel-1.5.d6' requires 'pcre-8.12', but 'pcre-8.34' is installed


    Please use the main port (net/haproxy) for the
    stable branch of haproxy for general production
    use of the software.

    Check the following directories for further info:
      documentation:  '/usr/local/share/doc/haproxy'
      examples:      '/usr/local/share/examples/haproxy'

    rc.conf variables listing can be found in:

    but in the web interface i dont has any service haproxy an in available installed pakages i dont has haproxy-devel pakages

    any adea please

    Best Regards

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We stopped officially requiring 2.0.x compatibility for packages quite some time ago. Please upgrade to a supported release.

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