Openvpn issues with 2.2.1

  • Hi guys need some help with openvpn

    WAN =
    LAN =
    Openvpn =

    the issue i am having is that when i connect to the openvpn server on my pfsense i get connected and assign a vpn ip of 10.10.10..  clients on the LAN can ping the vpn client  but anyhting from the vpn client cannot reach the LAN and when looking at the logs i can see that that the default block rule is dropping all the packets from the VPN ips.

    i have added any to any rule in the openvpn ruleset in the firewall. Not sure why the packets are being blocked by the defualt ruleset.


  • nevermind it's fixed i redid the openvpn config and the ruleset got updated.

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