Manage download traffic Internal(cache) Full Speed/Outside(Internet) limited.

  • Hi.

    Hope this is the right area to ask.

    I have cp enable with download limits, I enable cache(squid) to help my users and have a better navigation.

    Now, how can I tell pfsense to give fulls speed if the traffic goes from the cache to the client and limit the traffic base on cp values if the traffic came from internet?

    download data from cache server ==> cp client full speed.
    download data from internet => cp client use cp download limits

    What tools I have to learn on pfsense 2.2.x?

    Is better to have my squid in a external machine to be more easy the setup?

    Any tip will appreciated, thanks!!!

  • Banned

    This plain does NOT work ATM. Stop wasting your time and breaking CP with proxy.

  • Got it, thanks for your input.

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