Block all websites except Google Maps

  • Hi everyone!

    I am using Pfsense, I set a rule to block all websites, now I would like to allow only GoogleMaps. how I can do it?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Create an alias for the URL ( and use this in an 'allow' rule just above the block rule you have for stopping all internet access. You may well find you have to also include '' in your URL whitelist, as Google maps probably references the main Google site.

  • Hi! thanks for your answer.

    well, that exactly what i did before posting, Apparently It doesn't work, maybe I must have done something wrong .
    these are muy Alias and rules.

    Maybe someone could find any mistake(s).

  • You have to put the allow rule above the block rule. Rules apply from the top down so if you hit the block rule before the allow rule, Google will be blocked before the allow rule is encountered.

  • As you can see in the 4th image, I set the rules in the correct order, the allow rule above the block rule.

  • Banned

    This approach is a complete waste of time. The IPs for the alias do not resolve even remotely often enough to catch up with the way DNS is set up for Google. The only DNS way of doing this I can imagine would be creating a DNS blackhole for anything but the stuff.

  • I am still fighting with pfsense, It blocks all the websites except the HTTPS ones.

  • How does you LAN even work? Your firewall rule is to block all traffic to anywhere unless it's to Google. Anywhere includes your firewall, like DNS.

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