Menue problem on some pfsense boxes - not able to use "System"-menue items

  • on a Monitor in portrait mode 1200x1600, its not possible to use the "System" Menue entry.

    See Screenshot.

    Every time you try to use a entry in the menue "System", you end up in the "Help" menue, because its directly below the "system" menue.

    This problem would not occure if the menue would be just expandet to the right side where there is a big unused area that can be used for.

    funny, the problem did not occure on another pfsense box with the same version. It seems that those two boxes use different fonts in the WebGUI. See second screenshot.

    I did have actual no great problem with that, but it seems like a minor bug to me which i want to post now.

    Have fun


  • This is a known issue that has been covered to death already.  Do a forum search for 'system menu font'.

  • Aha, ok, with that search words i only got my own thread, but i found it in the end:

    From what is said in that topic, the Bug should be fixed, but isn't.

    Well, for me playing around with Zoom-levels in Firefox solved the problem.

  • Banned

    It is fixed on 2.2.x; if you are on 2.1.x then either

    • clear your freaking cache if on Windows
    • install the MS fonts if you are on Linux.

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