VPN to Browse only..without Local Access

  • Hello pfSense Folks.

    This is my first time here…  and so far I love the software.

    I already have a setup pfSense... 2.2.1 running. All is well without problems... I also setup openVPN without problems.

    But what I am trying to achieve seems tricky (not sure)

    I want to be able to access from my Windows machine (already have OpenVPN client installed and running) at the moment I can see all network shares and local access.)

    BUT I want to have the option to create a profile (or setup) that prevents me from accessing the Local Network.  Only for Browsing through the VPN.

    Is there such way or option to achieve that ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Setting aside the issue of why you would want to do this, I would think you could add second OpenVPN instance on a different tunnel network. Then you could block the second tunnel net from lan, but allow it to the Internet.

  • I know this is certainly a unique request.
    The company I work for controls what we can access online.  and I want to be able to browse through my home networks Internet.  But if I allow someone else to use it I want to make sure they can not get to my local network.

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