How can i use remote location's pfsense captive portal from local?

  • Hi,

    i will be very happy if you help me, in my local location i have a client pc, my next hop is a cyberoam firewall and its next hop is a adsl modem, cyberoam is working in gateway mode and route my pc to the internet with the fw policies which are written on the cyberoam. Pfsense is on the remote location, it is colocating on an ISP's virtual cloud. Our aim is all of the customer locations will have cyberoam firewalls and pfsense captive portal and radius server must be on the cloud. all clients should use pfsense's captive portal.

    the freeradius on captive portal is working fine and the cyberoam on the local site can reach the pfsense's freeradius. and the cyberoam firewall rule policy designed if an unauthenticated user wants to go to the internet, it takes the user to the radius authentication on the policy and captive portal page comes, but this captive portal page is the cyberoam's captive portal which is on the local site, we want to use the radius server's (pfsense's) captive portal comes to the in front of the local user, how can we do this?if i establish a site to site vpn between cyberoam and pfsense, does it make sense? if captive portal comes from the broadcast domain the remote site's pfsense again can not come, how can i make this possible, closing the captive portal of the cyberoam and make a s2s vpn between cyberoam and pfsense can make the remote captive portal comes to the local users?

    please show me the way.


  • Hi, do you have any experience about reaching the captive portal through ipsec vpn?

    local - cyberoam –-----ipsec vpn----------------pfsense in cloud

    when an unauthenticated user wants to go to the internet, we want to pfsense's captive portal comes to this user, is it possible, how can i do this?

    i wrote a policy in cyberoam, which asked pfsense's radius the users credentials, in cyberoam's captive portal, which asked the credentials to the pfsense, the user can logon correctly, and internet opened, and than,  i tried to redirect pfsense's ghost's url instead of cyberoam's captive portal, but the user can not be authenticated with this way, the mechanism is not the same.

    i need a solution to popup the pfsense's captive portal in front of the unauthenticated users through ipsec vpn.


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