Ubuntu hostap and virtual Pfsense

  • Hello everyone!!!
    This is my first post and I am a newbe in pfsense but also in ubuntu. So here it goes!!!
    My setup is as follows

    Ubuntu is the host machine with

    I run pfsense(guest) in virtualbox
    em0 (Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop) bridged to eth0(WAN) pppoe
    em1 (Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop) bridged to eth1(LAN)
    opt1 (Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop) bridged to wlan0

    I installed hostapd in ubuntu and set the wlan0 with ip
    in pfsense the opt1 has the ip

    My wifi devices are able to connect to my wifi (hostapd) and get their ip's from pfsense(dhcp) but are unable to get to the internet or the LAN network.
    What am I doing wrong, thank you in advance

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