New webgui certificate generated again and again

  • Hello pfSense forum,

    I set up two pfSense machines for testing purposes with hardware redundancy. Both were set up by hand, identically, with the latest live dvd release available for download (2.2.1-RELEASE amd64). One of the two machines keeps creating a new certificate for the webgui every few reboots. There are no additional packages installed, the two machines are not even connected to the internet yet. It's just a basic installation with VLANs and CARP set up and a master and a backup defined. The backup machine is showing the problem.

    Now I could just set up the backup machine again and repeat the last half hour. But since this really is a basic installation and just shouldn't have that issue, I'd like to know what could have possibly went wrong. Perhaps this is a known issue that has an explanation and a solution? I am not even sure if a reinstall will solve this, since I'd do everything exactly the same way.

    I tried to check at what point the issue was introduced (multiple snapshots during the first set up), but the problem can't be reproduced on every boot. I noticed the problem when restarting the backup pfSense machine today and then decided to restart again until the issue shows up again. After restarting ten times, I gave up - so I can't say if this happened, for example, after introducing the redundancy, or before.

    Thank you for your help.

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