Openvpn only on Opt1 is this possible?

  • Ok, this is driving me nuts, I got my firewall up and working.  My current setup looks like this:  Cable Modem -> Pfsense Router -> L2 Switch -> Clients (PC/Wireless AP/Phones/Pads). Using one of the extra NICs I created an Opt1 interface and got it working as a separate LAN on a separate subnet.  What I want to do is create an OpenVPN connection to Private Internet Access that only uses the Opt1 interface so that all the devices on the network use the regular wan, but if I plug my Laptop into the Opt1 interface it is connected to the VPN and have access to the network resources like the NAS.  Is this even possible?  I've poured through the howtos and googled everything I could think of with no success.

    Any pointers, links to walkthroughs etc would be much appreciated.
    Thanks much!


  • Found great help on redit…  I suggest people go there.

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