Activated CP and the internet stopped working

  • i just installed pfsense on the school network because i needed an hotspot solution.

    I have a DC(window Server 2012) which has DNS and DHCP installed. Also a radius server and PFsense

    I activated the captive portal and logged in with my credential on the domain and it redirected me to the site and stopped browsing the internet but the portal shows my account to be connected.

    how can i resolve this.

  • Hi,

    Do you have any packages installed ?
    Using LAN or another interface for the portal ?
    Firewall rules ?
    Is pfSense your WAN gateway ?
    It seems to me that it isn't a good idea to remove DHCP and DNS from pfSense.

  • i have a dhcp and dns server which is on the DC before the pfsense.
    i have not installed any package and i am using LAN for the Portal
    No firewall rules
    Pfsense is the gateway

  • Banned


    i am using LAN for the Portal

    Good luck  ::)

    (P.S. DNS servers must be allowed through the CP or nothing works.)

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