How to change openvpn server?

  • hi,

    can someone tell me the correct way to add/delete servers?

    for example, if my server for mexico goes down and i want to use one from japan, is there a way to delete mexico and add japan without resetting everything and starting all over again with japan?
    i am using certificates that go with an ip address and am hoping that there is a simple cut and paste way.


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  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    There's an enable/disable checkbox at the top of each config.

  • If you had 3 identical boxes with three identical installs where you had did a full install on 1 box, backed up the config and then restored on all the other boxes, you could change VPNs just by changing IPs.

    I suppose if I were the only one using the boxes that would be fine but I've never heard of anyone doing it.

  • it is starting to sound like a reset and then a total new setup with the new client is in order !
    i also thought there would be an easy way to just delete the old client and add a new.

  • Just a thought: would failover work? VPN1 down -> VPN2 kicks in?

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    IIRC the client supports multiple servers in configuration, however that assumes the same authentication will work on the fallback one – which apparently is not the case here. As for failover -- AFAICT anyone who assigned OpenVPN interface has to disable GW monitoring since it was making apinger go completely nuts. So, no... I don't think you can have any failover here.

  • The windows client yes.  I'd assumed you were talking about pfsense as client.

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