Aliasis on lan and internet

  • Hi , I put my lan with 2 aliasis like : Lan , Aliasis 1 : , aliasis 2: , and from Pc on aliasis I can ping lan and , but if I try to use this aliasis like gateway , I can't go on Internet … Open My lan for Internet on 192... 10...and 10.0.1....
    What Is the problems ?
    The version is 12rc3 for Soekris.
    Tank you very Much.

  • RC3 is rather old. You should upgrade (reinstall on embedded) to 1.2 Release!

    But I don't get your aliases use.
    They are NOT supposed to spoof LAN subnets where you don't have them physically. They are only a shortcut for stuff that's already there!
    If you need additional subnets and run out of interfaces go for VLANs on a VLAN capable switch!

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