GUI color change plugin/package?? Bounty 100USD

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    Could it be done making a package that can change the color to whatever color wanted on all the GUI elements (primarily anything red)…?

    I can do it manually but it takes me ½ hour to do so and I have to do it with every upgrade.

    A package would make my world a lot easier :D

    Bounty 100USD

  • Do you mean change the pfsense theme?

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    No the colors in the GUI.

    Right now I have blue…. :)

  • @Supermule:

    No the colors in the GUI.

    The GUI color is derived from the theme.
    Why don't you just copy an existing theme to a different name and apply your color-scheme there?
    Should survive updates as well.

    Edit: except for NanoBSD where the whole slice is rewritten on updates.

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    Then I dont get the updates for the gui correct??

    If there are any?? Then I have to apply patches for that instead….

    I was thinking of a small package that you could enter what color you want (#004f87) and then press save. Done.

    Simples. Package took care of the rest.

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