Access to PC while connected to VPN

  • I have an issue that I hope is easily solved. I am connecting to an openVPN server [hosted by a third party] from a linux server [ubuntu server 14.01]. I can establish the VPN and traffic flows without an issue, however, I need to be able to remote into this linux machine from a network outside the LAN via SSH. When the VPN is not established, this works fine, however, once I connect to the VPN, I can only SSH in from the local LAN.

    My theory is that the change of default gateway creates the problem, but I am not sure what I can do to overcome the problem.

    Can anyone advise what I can do here?

  • On the Linux server you could add static routes to these other subnets, presumably pointing to the pfSense router on your LAN from where the SSH comes.
    Or on pfSense on LAN put an Outbound NAT so the SSH from another subnet gets translated to pfSense LAN address as it goes out to the Linux server. Then the Linux server will think you are coming from the local LAN, and should answer fine.

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