PfSense on Virtualbox gets disconnected

  • Hello,

    I'm making a test virtuallab with Virtualbox. I have red an article about building a virtuallab with the use of pfsense as a router.
    I have installed pfsense on virtualbox with 2 network adapters. WAN is bridged on my host nic with IP LAN is an internal network The installation of pfSense went without problems. When I install a Windows 2012 Server and set pfsense as gateway it works correct. But I have a strange problem. I have an 120 Mbit Cable (Ziggo Netherlands) connection. I have done some tests on my test machine but the speed is not running on full speed. I also get disconnects. When I try to download a 1Gb test file from the internet it stops after a while. The speed drops and then the download stops. The Windows Updates also take a very long time.

    Interfaces are set to 1000Mbit Full Duplex.

    I don't understand what the problem is.
    My modem is set to router.

    Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

    pfsense is running on Virtual Box 4.3.26 and has 256Mb ram and 2Gb disk.

  • I have done some testing and found out that it happens on HTTP downloads.
    When I download a file from a FTP server the connection stays normal.

    When I do a the test can't run full and stops with an error.
    This looks like the problem I'm having.

  • The Windows Updates also take a very long time.

    Well, this is pretty much the normal case for everyone  ;D

    Are you running any extra packages like Snort or Squid etc?

    Anything in your System logs, including the Gateway log?

  • Hello. I have no extra packages installed. Just a normal install to let it work like a router.
    The log files I have to check.

    I have also installed smoothwall as test and it doesn't have much troubles with speed

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