Captive Portal PfSense Network

  • Hello everybody,

    I have to install a captive portal for an entreprise. But I didn't know very well PfSense and i'm wondering myself about network. I explain you the problem, this is my network :

    Network :

    Clients (Range - 198) / 25  –----->  AP Extender Mode :  ----------> :: Pf Sense :: DHCP --------> Internet

    the AP Extender is TP Link WA730RE in AP Mode. I don't know if it can do routing processus (if it works in Layer 2 or 3) and I don't which gateway I have to give it : The Lan PfSense or nothing ?

    I don't really know too where i have to install the DHCP server : In the AP, in the PfSense LAN...

    What i thinked to do :

    AP : Extender Mode Gateway : and IP fixed

    DHCP in PfSense Server (for clients behind the AP) :
                                              Gateway :
                                              DNS : (with DNS Forward activated)

    But it doesn't work, the redirection to the captive portal's not here. I precise the captive portal is activated too.

    If you can help me, would be great  :)

    Thank you very much.

  • how abt your pf info?

  • About my PF server :

    Two interfaces : LAN (clients), fixed IP :          &        WAN (Internet) : DHCP

    DHCP Server activated on the lan, DNS Server distributed is the IP's interface LAN with DNS Forwarder activated.

    Portal captive is activated in the Lan interface and use, for the moment, the user manager.

  • Hi guys, didn't know how but the captive portal is working now. I just set up the configuration I explained before and it works, maybe there was an error in the DNS.

    Unfortunately, Internet doesn't work anymore. I have the authentification page, i fill in the form and the page stays exactly the same, without any sign of redirection. The browser seems searching for 1 sec and then stay in the form page. My WAN interface is connected and configured for DHCP so the gateway is written. For the Firewall and NAT, the rules are the rules per default, I didn"t change anything.

    Another thing, my Wan connection is in fact in a Lan, so it means there are a firewall, different servers again… Do i set up specific rules in this case ?

  • Yes your DNS was wrong. Use pfSense as DNS server for your clients.

    For your current problem check your firewall logs.

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