Pfsense 2.2.1 on VirtualBox - no internet at host computer

  • Hello, need your kindly advise:

    I need Pfsense for site-to-site creation with Cisco ASA.

    on Windows 7 installed VirtualBox with 2 network adtapters, first adapter is real(bridge to WAN on Pfense), second adapter is Virtual Adapter(LAN on Pfsense).

    Real network card on Windows7 - all protocols are disabled except virtual box adapter.

    Pfsense is installed, it`s web panel is accessible from Windows7.

    i pinged ADSL router from Pfsense panel it is accessible, as well

    the only thing, i can not figure out, how to make Windows 7 has Internet.

    WAN of Pfsense is PPPoE, LAN of Pfsense address).

    Virtual adapter on Windows7 ip address is with gateway and dns server

    what else should be done, for i have Internet on Windows7?



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