Console commands to enable / disable Wireless Interface

  • Running 2.2

    Using a AR9287 Atheros Mini-PCIE half length card as an AP. When it works, it is fine for my use. I am finding that after a period of time, clients fail to connect to the AP, requesting a password again. After entering the correct password clients still fail to connect. I can fix this by disabling this interface, then re-enabling it.

    For a temporary work around, is there any commands to disable and enable an interface? I can then execute these via cron while trying to find a better solution.

    Anyone else seen this issue?

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    There isn't a simple way to replicate the exact sequence of commands, but you could just try "ifconfig ath0 down; ifconfig ath0 up" or perhaps the ath0_wlan0 interface instead.

  • Thanks - that seems to work well when tested. Run the 'down' and the web gui indicates its down. Ran up and it was back up.

    Just need to sort out a cron job for a daily reset and see if that works for me.

  • Spoke too soon - proper test and unfortunately the ifconfig up and down didn't do the trick.

  • I just started testing half sized modules like your AR9287(I assume it is AR5BHB97)

    I bought a cheap lot of ar5bhb92(ar9280) myself to equip a load of thin terminals i was given.

    I noticed low connection speeds with the module. I put the module in a half-to-full  adapter and put the module in another box and it works normal. All i can figure is that power to the slot is inadequate or some hardware issue.

    I had high hopes of re-purposing these Devon thin clients for Pfsense AP's

    I bought a sample of half sized Atheros to checkout. (I only use ABGN)

    I suggest you checkout another module just to isolate. What platform are you using?
    I see an AR5BHB92 on ebay for 5 bucks shipped…

  • My original was from here ->

    Says its an Atheros AR9287 (AR5B97). Someone suggested trying to set dev.ath.0.hal.force_full_reset Value: 1 for the AR9287. This didn't seem to help in my case.

    I hit ebay again and just installed an AR9280 (AR5BHB92). Too early to see results but will post back if its successful or better than the AR9287.

    FYI - the pfSense box is the Gigabyte J1900 that had lots of trouble initially with the bios and installing pfSense. Someone posted the bios settings etc to enable it to work so I have had no trouble with the installation or running of pfSense apart from the wireless. Not sure if many others are using the same board and trying to use wireless.

  • For completeness - installed an AR9280 and its been stable for 3 days without hitch.

  • Just for reference, this is on your Gigabyte J1900 board with 64bit Full install? What do your connection speeds look like in the Wireless Status page? I can get 270M with full sized modules but halves i have not seen above 180M

  • Yes - Gigabyte J1900. I've not measured or checked. Is it on the Wireless Status page? Or do I need to run some download test and check the page?

  • @ak I also bought a AR9287 and have issues with it randomly disconnecting.  How as the AR9280 been treating you since May?

  • Sorry for such a late reply - didn't know there was a question about the AR9280. But for completeness and general knowledge sharing the AR9280 has been working great for me with a guest SSID as well.

    Only problem (not sure if its related) is that pfsense locks up hard after 30+ days uptime (happened twice). Console and everything unresponsive. Not had time to chase down or diagnose. A reboot fixes for now.

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