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  • Hi,

    Can someone help me, how can I do a rule to cancel this from logging ?

    Apr 23 18:19:42 pfsense filterlog: 56,16777216,,1000001581,em1,match,block,in,4,0x0,,255,11259,0,none,17,udp,374,,,67,68,354

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  • That format is hard for anyone to read.  A screencap would have been better.

    The catch-all Default Deny invisible rule at the bottom blocks & logs everything not explicitly allowed.  If you don't want it logging specific blocks then you need to manually add that specific block rule and set it to not log.  Then the "catch-all" rule won't see it or log it.

  • Hi KOM,

    Here is the screen capture, thanks

  • Banned

    Block IPv4/UDP from any source port 67 to destination port 68. Put the rule at the top of WAN rules. Without logging, of course.

  • It's a client doing a broadcast looking for a DHCP server, in case you were wondering.

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