LACP & VLANs coming from pfSense directly to ESXi host (no switch)

  • This is a development and testing environment. I have 2x 1GbE interfaces in a LAGG (LACP) coming out of my pfSense box and going directly into an ESXi 5.5u2 host with a Version 5.5 VDS. PfSense is an Intel 8492MT 32-bit PCI dual NIC and ESXi host has an Intel Pro 1000 MT PCI-X quad NIC.

    I'm not using a switch because the switching hardware I currently own does not support LACP.

    Problem is the VLANs aren't working. The native subnet works fine on an essentially default VDS port group. Linux VMs are able to pull a DHCP address from the proper subnet but you can't ping in or out (all rules are currently set to allow any, from any, to any).

    I tried promiscuous mode on the VDS v5.5, both allowed and disallowed, no difference. I had this working previously without LACP and also with a switch between pfSense and the ESXi host. The only differences are that this time it goes directly from pfSense to the ESXi host without a switch, and, that the LACP link has a native untagged subnet in addition to the VLANs.

    I'm happy to post any config settings required. What settings am I missing at the VDS? Thanks.

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