Captive portal voucher code authentication invalid credentials

  • Hello pfsense users. im using pfsense 2.1.4. the problem is the captive portal voucher code authentication is invalid credentials during first attempt? the code will only accepted in the second attempt. help please…

  • Create temporary a user+password using the Local User Manager (or use the admin account).
    Use the default html login page, where you can both enter a user+password or voucher code (both work at the same time).
    Login should work right away.

    A first attempt that doesn't work, and a second attempt that does work means that the voucher code is ok. There might be some 'html' or posting error.
    Mention what YOU changed from default … settings, etc.

    edit: You are aware that the current pfSEnse is 2.2.2 ? Using 2.1.4 means you are dealing with known bugs, and is normally reserved for experts who know how to deal with these.

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