Schedule Firewall Rules Blocking all LAN

  • I made 4 rules to block my childrens wifi and computer time (currently at the bottom of the rules list)

    When I put these rules at the top of the rules list all devices/pcs on the network are blocked.

    First I made alias for their computer's ip's and wifi ips.

    Second I made schedules.

    Third I made 4 Firewall rules as can be seen at the bottom of the firewall rules.

    Need some help.

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    No, will not work. These will not ever get applied for starters, since the "LAN to WAN" is above those. And as a generic note on schedules, schedule allow rules instead of block rules. Otherwise, the traffic will still flow after the schedule has expired.

  • I moved them to the bottom because at the top they blocked all traffic

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    As noted, they are useless at the bottom. You need to solve your real problem (broken aliases for source used there) if they block traffic from machines that are not supposed to get blocked.

  • The way I have it set up:

    I created static DHCP entries for all my (and the kids') devices on my OPT1 interface.
    I put my and my wife's phones and laptops into an alias "notkids"

    I connected my WIFI up to my OPT1, set the IP appropriately.
    I created my schedule for 6a-10p
    I created an "allow all" rule on my OPT1 interface and scheduled it.
    I added an allow all rule above this one that allows only "notkids" alias out the door.

    At 10:00 PM, the first night it was implemented,  I heard "Dad, the internet is broken!" when the screaming animes finally abated.

    You could do the same thing on your LAN interface.

    A number of your rules look to be redundant.  I would suggest simplifying your LAN rules.

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