OpenVPN Client Export not showing users to export

  • Used the wizard to create an OpenVPN server using LDAP to AD.
    I can authenticate AD user by using the authentication users in the Diagnostic menu.

    I created a user certificate for each user.

    I installed the Openvpn user export package.
    When I go to the openvpn Client export tab its not showing any users besides the default "Autentication only (no cert).

    This is on pfSense 2.2.2

    i have this working fine on 2.1.5

    Any idea of what to look for or to correct this?

  • Never mind.
    Figured it out.
    Didnt select remote access ssl/tls.

  • I had this same problem but for different reasons.

    I created the user first, and didn't check the box to create a user certificate.  The user certificate is optional when defining users, but is a requirement for the user to be listed under openvpn client export.

    Perhaps a note in the openvpn page under the Authentication heading could include that it's not enough only to define users under System > User Manager but they must be defined with a user certificate.

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