Alix high power wireless card fix!

  • REceived this from PCEngines:

    PC Engines ECN #027 2/17/08
    Board: ALIX.2C, ALIX.3C (all models)
    Intention: Improve headroom for 3.3V power supply
    Effective: running change, phase in ASAP
    File: none
    Issue: Problems when running high power cards such as Senao NMP8602+ or
    Action: Change the following component values:
    ALIX.2C-> R83 = 2.2K ohm (was 1.0K / marking 01B)
    C98 = 4.7 nF (was no stuff)
    ALIX.3C -> R73 = 2.2K ohm (was 1.0K / marking 01B)
    C93 = 4.7 nF (was no stuff)
    2.2K ohm resistors are marked 222 (5%) or 34B. Parts can be supplied
    to customers on request.
    Author: Pascal Dornier

    Package type is 0603

  • Thanks for posting this. There was a similiar hardwarehack neccessary for the wraps when using high power wlan nics iirc. You also should get a decent psu when using such a card.

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