Change next-hop router IP for rrd traffic quality graph

  • on my dual wan setup, the rrd graphs in webgui for traffic quality on the OPT1 interface currently show the ping times to the next hop router, which happens to be my local DSL modem/router.  I'd like if possible to change it so instead its pinging the ISP's next router, because currently its a constant <5ms line speed graph which isn't useful for me, I don't need to track the quality of an ethernet cable lying on the floor, I'd rather see the actual ping times to the internet :)

    the WAN interface graphs are correct, because on that interface my cable modem is in "dumb" bridge mode, so the next router hop is the isp's equipment on the wan

    if I could just change the graphs for OPT1 from pinging (my equip) to an arbitrary IP that would be neat.    could I do this editing some config file through the console?

  • Downoad your config.xml (Diagnostics>backup/restore). Open it with an editor that can handle the unix encoding (I usually use ). Then find the section with the interfaces and add the following line to it (the red one):


    Reupload the config.xml (system will reboot).

  • perfect, thanks!

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