SquidGuard + Whitelist (Solved)

  • I am new to pfSense so this might be a noob error.
    I am using the latest release of pfSense:
          2.2.2-RELEASE (amd64)
          built on Mon Apr 13 20:10:22 CDT 2015
          FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p9
          squidGuard 1.9.14

    I have installed the "shallalist" as Blacklist.
    Under Target Categories I have created a "myWhitelist" and under "Domain List" I have added the domain name in the following format, "domain.com".
    Under Common ACL under "Target Rules List" I have myWhitelist as the very first item and that I have it marked as "Whitelist".
    I have "blk_BL_dynamic" as deny. When I try and open the webpage I get a error with the following as reason: Target group: blk_BL_dynamic .
    As I understand the documentation, then "Whitelist" which come before the blk_BL_dynamic rule should allow the webpage to be displayed irrespective of the fact that the latter rule has a deny.
    And yes, Proxy Filter has been applied. I have also restart the box.
    What am I missing here?  :-

  • have you checked allow all in common acl, the last group on common acl group list.

  • I have manage to fix my problem by clearing Squid Cache and Firefox Cache.
    After I have done that the Whitelist worked as expected.
    So, it was a noob error.  ;)    ::)

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