No webGUI after factory setting

  • Hello , i a newbie near noob on the PFsense.

    I order a APU1D4 firewall with PFsense pre installed, now its work very good and did a upgrade to 2.2 with the webGUI
    no problems its stil working, and i install the snort package , still no problems its works.

    No i'm a self  leraning person and like to start from the beginning. I found the option [return to factorys setting] in the menu
    i click it and wait . …... no beep. And no acces with the webgui.

    Can somebody tell me wat to do ?! please, i try to reach the on the LAN and noting happens.

    System: APU1D4
    1GHZ dual CPU
    4GB RAM
    16 GB mSata

    Windows 8.1 Firefox
    on a ASUS X75V
    no serial port
    i have no serial kabel jet (hope this week)

  • The interfaces in the factory default config are not the physical devices that are in the APU1D4. It will be reporting interface mismatch on the console and asking to assign interfaces. You need to connect to the serial console…

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