Lightsquid Report is not updating even after manual refresh

  • Hi!

    I installed Lightsquid and it already generates report. However, I noticed that the report data is not being updated even after manual refresh. What could possible be wrong with my setup?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Did you ever get an answer on this? Mine is behaving the same way at the moment…I'm on the newest version...same happens whether I use squid or squid3.

  • No, I still got no answer. I also use the latest versions.

  • hmmm….I went through and did a fresh install. I reinstalled the packages after reconfiguring all my settings.

    I can see the report...but it seems that squid is not catching logs as it should be. I did a cat /var/logs/squid/access.log and I've attached the actual websites in there..just TCP_MISS and TCP_DENIED/403.

    Anyone have insight on this?

  • Reboot.  I've seen squid act all janky after installation until you reboot the thing.

  • no dice unfortunately. I've got a fresh install with the latest version of everything….either I'm missing something configuration wise, or something isn't working properly in the latest version  :-\

  • If this is 2.2.x then it's probably the latter.

  • I'm using LightSquid 2.41, Squid3, pfSense 2.2.2

    It is actually logging but I think it is one day late.

  • Here's exactly what I'm getting in the squid logs…I think its trying to log traffic but something is preventing it...

    13.05.2015 12:30:34 TCP_MISS/200 cache_object://localhost/active_requests

    13.05.2015 07:19:57 X.X.X.X (my public IP) TCP_DENIED/403 cache_object://localhost/active_requests

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