Mesh VPN with OpenVPN

  • So I currently have three sites that I need setup with some type of mesh VPN. Hub and spoke is an option, but it is not preferred.

    Site1 - (primary site with our server)
    Site2 -
    Site3 -

    Each site has a pfSense box in place. Site1 and Site2 are currently connected properly with OpenVPN
    Each time I try to connect Site3 to Site1, Site3 gets the tunnel IP of Site2, which is

    In the near future, we will need a fourth site setup and connected to our network.

    What is the best way to setup a "mesh" VPN? It does not even have to use OpenVPN as long as it is fairly simple enough to setup.
    I would prefer OpenVPN, but would need help on what to do.


  • So after many hours of trial and failure, I came across these two guides and thus far it has got me working with IPsec across all three sites so far.
    I have yet to do a full mesh setup with IPsec thus far, but I can ping the central server, which was my primary goal that I could not do previously with Site2 and Site3 simultaneously connected.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What was set as the tunnel network in the OpenVPN server and the clients?  This stuff kinda just works.

    Are you sure you need mesh?  Hub-spoke is a lot easier to maintain.

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