Cannot ping individual ips on switch

  • Firewall rule on LAN ALL LAN Net ANY

     	IPv4 *	LAN net	*	*	*	*	none	 

    so all traffic from LAN is allowed anywhere… great

    I have a Cisco300 switch connected to PFsense LAN

    All servers/san on switch have a default gateway to the LAN port on PFsense

    I can ping and access the switch and san from my Wireless.

    I cannot access 4 servers on the same switch.

    The switch/servers/san and LAN port (pfsense) are all on the same network.

    If from my wireless network (ath0) I can access the switch itself and other devices on the switch what could be stopping me from accessing the 4 servers?

    Need some insight here.



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    The LAN rules are completely irrelevant for access from some unspecified wireless interface.

  • The Wireless rules```
    IPv4 * * * * * * none

    Are open to the LAN and connectivity is confirmed with access to the switch and the SAN devices on the switch.
    I can ping the devices from the switch itself. Just not from the pfsense wireless.
    But wireless rules are ALLOW all. And LAN rules aren't blocking so do you have any insight as to the issue - or can I give you more info to help

  • Got it - its the servers blocking from the wireless network subnet. Thanks again

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