Pfsense behind nat: openvpn config export with RFC-1918 address

  • Hi,

    I'm having my pfSense  behind a router so pfsense's WAN-IP is only a private (RFC1918) address.
    From the first router I've got a nat for openvpn from the public IP (the first router also has a dyndns record) to pfsense for "Remote Access (SSL/TLS)" and that works.

    When I export my openvpn config I get an .ovpn file that has
    "remote 1195 udp"
    while that's the WAN IP address of pfsense - due to the fact that it's sitting behind the frist router.

    My question is:
    Can I somewhere configure an alternative name that is used in the openvpn export instead of the WAN-IP?

    Thanks & KR

  • Banned

    Have you tried the "Host Name Resolution" dropdown menu?

  • no, where to find that?
    (sorry, still noob in pfsense)

  • Choose Other and enter your public IP or host name.

  • wow, thats exactly what I was looking for!
    thank you a lot!! :-) :-)

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