Sending IPs of email server behind pfsense

  • Hey folks,

    I feel like this should have a simple solution, or no solution, and I feel silly asking it, but I've Googled and thought about it… and well, here we are.

    Situation is: We have an email server behind pfsense. When that server sends out email, the originating IP that recipients see is that of our firewall. I would much rather the "sending" IP be the public IP of my mail server... but how do I do this?

    Thanks guys.

  • never mind! I knew it was simple.

    1:1 mapping. boom. Done.

  • Or use a port-forward and AON…

  • I currently have the same problem could you send example of 1:1 input screen

  • The 1-1 NAT is pretty hard to screw up. A typical entry would be:
    interface=WAN external IP= internal IP=
    The AON if you were using port-forwards would be like this:
    interface=WAN source= * * * NAT address= * NO
    (AON rule must be placed before the auto created LAN rule)

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