Pfsense, esxi 6, link aggregation

  • Hello,
    I'd like to receive advice on my upgrade plans.

    Current situation:

    • pf on an R210 Dell server ( core i3, igb ram)
    • lan & wan on the broad com nics
    • vlan trunk (15vlan) on intel ( igb driver) 4 ports connected to the main switch using an LACP link aggregation.

    I'd like to virtualize the pfsense ( benefits:snapshots and ease of upgrade). the mid term plans are to replace the 4x1gb with a 1x10gb link. Il seems that people have better perf with the nic driven by esxi

    wanted setup:

    • esix 6 ( free)

    • only 1 vm ( pfsense) dedicated hardware

    • pfsense lan & esxi management on broadcom 1

    • wn on broadcom2

    • ?? how should I conect the trunk

    • lacp ? esxi nic teaming ? no aggregation but split the trunk across the nics ?

    I read the page but dod not find any info about the link aggegration.

    Thanks in advance

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