WAN show In / LAN Out on traffic that's coming into the network

  • I'm an extremely long time user and anything and everything I've needed have either figured out or found here but this is driving me insane! First my details…

    I'm running it virtual on ESXi 5.5v2 with an Intel dual gig Server NIC. This setup has run for years (through all the upgrades). 50mb fiber connection into an ADVA and then ethernet into the WAN )eth0.

    LAN is ETH1

    Why is it that on the dashboard or traffic monitor that it shows... (for example 30mb incoming)

    WAN in 30mb/sec
    LAN out 30mb/sec ???? (SHOULDN'T THIS BE Lan IN 30mb/Sec)

    There's no data going out through the LAN? It's all incoming.

    Thanks guys!

  • Banned

    No. LAN in / WAN out is upload.

  • The direction of the traffic flow is always in context to the interface.  See pic below.

    ![pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png)
    ![pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png_thumb)

  • Thanks KOM, that explains what I'm seeing!  8)

    Doktornotor, in my example (and a majority of my traffic) its all incoming traffic from the fiber connection.

    Thanks again guys for the help!

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